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Transforming Lives Through Christ

We believe that God has created every woman with unique gifts to accomplish His purpose on the earth. Our women’s ministry seeks to connect women with that purpose by cultivating healthy relationships. Through offering weekly bible studies, opportunities to serve, mentoring groups, social gatherings and activities designed for women, Northshore Bible Church is a place you can call home.

Meals Ministry

The meals ministry exists to offer meal support to families with a new baby, meals following a funeral or someone with a severe illness. Providing a meal can be in the form of something home cooked or store bought. With that in mind, we’re asking everyone for a minimum commitment of ONE MEAL PER YEAR. That’s it! If you can do more we encourage it, and we greatly appreciate everyone who supports this vital ministry. The ministry is open to other family members who might like to cook or provide a meal. Contact: Katie Stiles.


Summer Bible Study: Rahab

 - 08:30pm

Northshore Bible Church

How would you describe a woman chosen to showcase God’s redemption? Faithful. Courageous, Steadfast. But a prostitute? God’s Word says yes! God is faithful to rescue and restore sinners with the gospel of grace. No matter your past and no matter your situation, hope is possible, because Jesus has made redemption possible. See the proof through the life and legacy of Rahab, a woman who God redeemed. If you would like join our study, a book can be ordered here


Titus Ministry



Looking for an opportunity for fellowship and encouragement? NBC's Titus ministry will be kicking off again in September! Titus meetings are offered once a month in the home of a Titus "mom." Titus runs September through May.

Titus Ministry is based on Titus 2:3-5 with an emphasis on teaching younger women in the church. It is for women ages 18 and up. Titus is a ministry for fellowship, accountability, friendship, mentoring, and encouragement. There is opportunity for us as women to grow in our knowledge of Jesus Christ and be encouraged in our walk as godly wives, mothers, and women.

Check your email for an application. Any questions, contact Jessica Kirby @ 985-778-8920 or [email protected].

2024 Women's Spring Retreat

2023 Women's Ornament Exchange

2023 Women's Spring Fellowship: The Amazing Race

The winning team's computations for how many fish and crackers in the jar

​NBC Women's Ministry Team: Gail, Jan, Katy, Margarita, and Alina

The winning team: Bonnie, Jill, Reese, & Chantel

Pastor Appreciation Lunch