In this month’s blog, I want to address a topic probably every adult Christian deals with from time to time, including me. It is the topic of spiritual focus.

5 Common ways adults lose spiritual focus

1 - Unnecessary busyness: the key word is “unnecessary”. Do you find yourself too easily choosing to be busy with too many things? What are some ways you may be guilty of unnecessary busyness?

2 - Materialistic temptations: we all know about this one, right. It’s one of the biggest things Christians in America struggle with. In what ways are you tempted by having more and better things in your life?

3 - Online distractions: we all know about this one too, right? One of the toughest aspects of this enemy of spiritual focus is that we are usually unaware of just how much time we spend online.

4 - Disappointment with God: this one is a little more subtle, but I am convinced more Christians struggle with it than they admit. It’s easy to drift spiritually when you just feel disappointed with God about this or that, from the past or in the present.

5 - Lack of regular time in God's Word: and finally, lack of regular time in God’s Word. Points one through four above contribute to this. Other things like maybe you may feel a lack of joy, a sense of boredom, a lack of challenge, or dislike of the feeling of pressure to keep up with it when it comes to spending time in God’s word.

5 suggestions to regain spiritual focus

1 - Listen to your conscience: First, do you feel the Holy Spirit tugging at you through your conscience? Second, take stock of the levels of peace, joy and contentment in your life with and without spiritual focus. I bet you notice you feel less peace, joy and contentment when you are less spiritually focused!

2 - Get back into the Word: Do this through a method that works best for you. For example, this might be reading or listening. Get back into it progressively with goals that are attainable. Remember, this is a relationship with the Trinity meant to be enjoyable not drudgery!

3 - Admit it to a spiritual friend: tell someone who you know cares for you spiritually. Honesty is great medicine. God designed us to be a caring presence for one another through this wild journey called life.

4 - Find a fresh way to enjoy God: Introduce a new, fresh way to enjoy God into your life. This might be a time of solitude, time in nature, reading a Christian biography, listening to hymns, etc.

5 - Ask God to help regain focus and zeal: finally, go to God with this! He knows you and your need even better than you do yourself. And He loves you more than you love yourself and He has the power to help you refocus more than you do.