Holidays in Louisiana includes all the good food Louisiana is known for. What comes with gatherings of family and friends over food? The likely answer is lots of talking! Talking is a great thing, but I encourage you to “let God talk this Christmas season” too. What do you mean Seth? What I mean is be intentional at reflecting on God. Let Him speak to you through the Word and what you know of His character and His work in your life.A good example of this is found in Psalm 145:1-13.

This is called a wisdom psalm written by King David. The theme of the psalm are the attributes and acts of God. Among other things, let’s see two key truths God is speaking to us in this passage – the first, His attributes and the second, what we should do about what we know of His attributes.

God’s Attributes (v.3, 5, 7, 8-9):

Power: He is all powerful. This attribute is used over 600 times in the Bible to describe God. Majesty: Regal, perfect authority. Over 80 times. Splendor: Beautiful in all that He is. Over 30 times. Goodness: Perfectly good all the time. Over 700 times. Righteous: Perfectly right and just. Over 400 times. Gracious: Gives underserved favor. Over 150 times. Merciful: Patient and compassionate. Over 250 times. Steadfast Love: Perfect commitment and provision to His people by way of His eternal covenant. Over 60 times.

What Should We Do in Response? (v. 4, 10-12)

We should speak of Gods attributes and works to future generations! This means let’s not only take the time to let God speak to us this holiday season. Let’s also take the time to talk to our kids and grandkids this Christmas season about God. This must happen in order for the Christian faith to be preserved for future generations in our country. Here are a few suggestions:

-Tell a story of God’s works from the Bible. -Tell a story of God’s works in American history. -Tell a story of God’s works in your spiritual or physical family. -Tell a story of God’s work around the world through missionaries or Christians in other countries. -Tell a story of God’s works in your personal life.

Merry Christmas!